Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Newcastle Knights Squad Photoshoot....

Ahhhhh at last.... i have finally got my little hands on images of the Newcastle Knights Maidens in their new "Cheer Gear" designed uniforms!! Its such a new look for the girls and very different from anything they have worn over previous seasons.

Now i have to admit... like many cheerleaders im sure.... we all have a soft spot for certain clubs and certain teams for our own personal reasons. Well i will reveal today that mine has always been between 2 clubs other than Manly with one being the Newcastle Knights. And breeeaaathe.....pheeww glad i got that off my chest! ha. Ive always followed the girls and loved watching them from my lounge room eagerly waiting for the camera to capture one of their cuties!

The love affair stems from an early age (probably from when i was about 8) and im pretty sure it has everything to do with the fact that my favourite player growing up was Paul "the Chief"  Harrigan. I followed the Knights and actually never looked forward to the Manly V Newcastle games and watching him and Mark "Spudd" Carroll unleash hell on each other. ("Not the face, Not the face") So its funny now that i ended up on the sidelines for Manly cheering on those big hits to go Manly's way!

Secondly, im a Maroubra girl and I come from a family (a huuuge family at that) who worship the South Sydney Rabbitohs. This isn't a joke nor an exageration - i mean WORSHIP! The following line has even been thrown around recently too by my brother in law "How can you not support South Sydney?? You are from the area - You were born with it tattoo'd inside your heart!!" Really.... Really??

So growing up as a Newcastle Fan in a South Sydney household was brave to begin with! I did earn some brownie points back when i tucked a few years under my belt cheerleading for their beloved team - but they were quickly thrown out the window.

Can you even imagine how much tension/disappointment there is now that myself and Prudence are hardcore Manly Fans!? hahaha - Mum, Dad, Sisters, Cousins, Grandparents (you name it) give us plenty but we simply reply "Don't Hate, Appreciate" while shaking our little "SilverTails!" Booyeh!


2013 Newcastle Knights Cheerleaders
2013 Newcastle Knights Cheerleaders
2013 Newcastle Knights Cheerleader
2013 Newcastle Knights Cheerleaders
2013 Newcastle Knights Cheerleaders

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